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My name is Philip Marshall and I do other things besides graphic design, such as producing, publishing, promoting, curating and broadcasting.

In the early 00s I joined the Touch audio/visual publishing project, founded in 1982 by Jon Wozencroft with Mike Harding. My involvement with Touch has extended beyond pure graphic work to include sound design, promotion, live events and residencies (ZKM Karlsruhe, Snape Maltings). With support from the ineffable Mike Harding and the legendary Savage Pencil, I run a tape-only label, The Tapeworm. It has spawned its own sub-labels for ‘lesser formats’: The Wormhole; The Bookworm; Vanity Publishing (in collaboration with Dale Cornish).

The Tapeworm, founded in 2009, releases limited edition tapes from artists such as Stephen O’Malley, Jay Glass Dubs, Terre Thaemlitz, Cristian Vogel, Christian Fennesz, Dale Cornish, Marta de Pascalis, Mark Fell and Laura Agnusdei. The label has also released archive audio editions by Derek Jarman, Nam June Paik and Philip Corner. The Tapeworm has been interviewed by BBC Radios 1, 3, 4 and 5 Live as well as on national radio in Ireland, France and Germany. Live mixes have been broadcast on NTS, Resonance FM and WFMU. I have produced a number of live events for The Tapeworm over the past decade, either as part of a festival (FuturePlaces, Le Guess Who?, Merge Festival) or as standalone concerts (Cafe OTO, Iklectik Arts Lab, NK Berlin, Ohm Berlin, Paloma Bar). To learn more about The Tapeworm visit or follow us on Twitter: @the_tapeworm

As a live artist I perform experimental sets, manipulating audio from cassettes with sound effects. I have performed at places such as Cafe OTO, Kunsthal Extra City, Radialsystem V and Teatro Maria Matos, and for festivals such as f(t) Berlin, LetraTone and Touch.30. Very occasionally I publish my own audio recordings, which are typically based on the outcomes from artistic commissions. These releases are catalogued on and are available to download or stream from my Bandcamp page.

Founded in Berlin in collaboration with Stefan Fähler, TAHNKS is apparel inspired by the capital’s clubs, dark recesses and experimental music scenes. Designed and screenprinted in Berlin, TAHNKS is now available both in-store and online at Superconscious, Berlin and Machine-A, London. Visit for more information and follow us on Instagram: @_ tahnks_

I also hold the title ‘Minister of Nothing’ in the Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland and am one third of

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