Philip Marshall

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The Art of Noise Influence
ZTT Records / Salvo, 2010

Curated by Ian Peel for ZTT Records, Art of Noise’s ‘Influence’ is a 2xCD compilation housed in a deluxe 8-panel digipak with 28 page booklet including a foreword from Anne Dudley and a postscript by Paul Morley. My artwork featured several previously-unseen shots of the group, courtesy of the a.j.barratt archive.

Ian and I have also collaborated on deluxe editions of Art of Noise’s studio albums: ‘Into Battle with the Art of Noise’, ‘Who’s Afraid of the Art of Noise’, ‘Invisible Silence’ and ‘In No Sense? Nonsense!’. ‘Influence’ was followed by a 2015 compilation of unreleased works from the group’s late 90s reboot, ‘At the End of the Century’.