Philip Marshall

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At the End of a Century
ZTT Records / Salvo, 2015

‘At the End of a Century’ compiles the music and films of Art of Noise as they regrouped, reprogrammed and rebooted themselves from 1995 to 2000, reinterpreting the music of Claude Debussy. An 8-panel digipak houses two CDs and a DVD, plus a 28 page booklet with words from Paul Morley and compilation curator Ian Peel.

The artwork features an icon copied from the tombstone of Debussy in Cimetiere de Passy, Paris, and photography shot for a previously unreleased album, appearing on this compilation for the first time. Taken in the 90s, these images were stored on ancient Jaz disks. We did not know the who had done the shoot and only after several weeks seeking a means of getting a Jaz Drive to work with newer Macs did I gain access to the files and discover the photographer’s name, Chris Clunn, who happened to live a block away from me…