Philip Marshall

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Moving Furniture Records, 2019

Zeno van den Broek is a Dutch-born, Copenhagen-based composer and artist. His 2019 A/V work and associated album ‘Breach’ explores systems of chaos. It reflects on recent global events, exploring the build-up and release of tension and energy through pitch-black electronics and dense polyrhythmic structures.

My artwork for the LP and CD edition of ‘Breach’ utilises screen captures from when my MacBook’s video card died at a most inopportune moment. The logotype utilises a destroyed variant of a Commodore 64 font. The remainder of the copy, including Sven Schlijper-Karssenberg’s splendid essay, is typeset in Haarlemmer, a recreation of a never-produced Jan Van Krimpen typeface. First drawn in the late 1930s, it was to be used to set a new edition of the Bible. Its creation was halted by the invasion of Holland during World War II, with the project being completed 60 years later by the Dutch Type Library.