Philip Marshall

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Daft as a Brush!
ZTT Records / BMG, 2019

Compiled and curated by ZTT’s archivist Ian Peel and released on Record Store Day 2019, ‘Daft as a Brush!’ is a vinyl companion piece to the Art of Noise’s 1986 compact compilation, ‘Daft’.

Its first three 12”s feature fresh takes on ‘Beat Box’, ‘Close (to the Edit)’ and ‘Moments in Love’. A fourth disc finally reveals Trevor Horn and Paul Morley’s mythical post-AoN project, Art and ACT.

In keeping with Art of Noise’s early cover art, which would feature futurist and dadaist quotes, Ian presented me with a suitably wordy brief. I responded with a design which honoured those editions. For the final 12” of the set, I referenced one of the titles: ‘Yes or No’ – ! or ?; green or red.