Philip Marshall

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The Berlin Church Concert Series
Manuela Benetton, 2016–2017

Manuela Benetton is a Berlin-based curator and promoter of experimental music events. In 2016 she devised a series of special concerts to be presented in Berlin’s larger churches.

I designed posters, flyers and adverts for print and online to help promote the events.

Terry Riley and Gyan Riley
Zionskirche, 27.09.16

Nurse With Wound
Sophienkirche, 28.04.17

Beatrice Ferreyra, The Speaker
Elizabethkirche, 16.09.17

Ellen Fullman, Konrad Sprenger
Villa Elisabeth, 07.10.17

Charlemagne Palestine, Stine Janvin
Sophienkirche, 14.11.17