Philip Marshall

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Where Else…
Cherry Red Records, 2014

For her 2014 LP/CD ‘Where Else…’, Claudia Brücken’s creative team was Anton Corbijn, Paul Morley and myself. An album about new beginnings, it was written and recorded relatively quickly. To meet manufacturing schedules her record label, Cherry Red, gave us an equally tight deadline to deliver artwork for the vinyl LP.

Paul and I worked on initial ideas, he supplying suggestions and texts ‘taken from the eternal afternoon of Charles Baudelaire’. Anton’s images followed, featuring the guitar Claudia had taught herself how to play during the release’s writing sessions.

On reviewing our initial ideas, Anton suggested a bolder type treatment for the front cover, so I went into ‘Depeche’-mode. The final vinyl cover brief was given as he boarded a flight at Schiphol and signed-off by all on his arrival later that day in New York, the entire artwork having been finished in those few hours.